Monday, 16 April 2012

Wishlist #1

I've never done a proper wishlist before, so I thought it was about time I did! To be honest this is more of a shopping list for pay day (tomorrow!) hehe ♥

1. Loreal Caresse lipstick in lovely rose
2. Barry M nail polish in cyan blue
3. MUA lipstick in shade 4
4. Micro Beads for nail art
5. Beauty UK lipstick in snob
6. Soap & Glory body wash in foam call

Have you tried any of these products my lovelies and what's currently on your wishlist? :)


  1. i have the MUA lipstick which i really like, for a pound you can't go wrong at all. it's a lovely shade, really easily built to make a deep pink shade.

    i also have foam call - i got it free from boots as i spent ten pounds on s&g products. i'm not sure if the offer is still on, but worth checking out! such a lovely scent.


    1. I love the MUA lippy, just replacing :) hehe :p Oooh yes, I shall check that xx

  2. I really wana try the Garnier BB cream but it's not available in Dubai. Great wishlist:)


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