Saturday, 31 March 2012

March Favourites! ♥

Morning Cupcakes!

How gutted are you to see rain? I'm devastated :( Back to good old english weather we go! Ateast I got a tan from the few nice days we had though, I'm brown as a berry :p hehe.

Anyways I've decided to start a new feature on my blog ... On the last day of each month I will be doing a post on my favourite products from that month. As today is 31st March I shall start from now :)

In no particular order, here are my favourite products from this month ♥

Garnier BB Cream
Love this product :) I've been using samples all month, but fully intend to purchase!

Picture taken from Pinterest

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
To see my full review click here

MUA Lipsticks
These are so much better than many of the high-end lippies! Reviews coming soon.

Picture taken from We Heart It

Moroccan Oil
To see my full review click here

GOSH Click 'n' Conceal
To see my full review click here

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub
To see my full review click here

Johnson's Baby Oil
I have been using this non-stop while it's been sunny to help me tan. Naughty I know!

Picture taken from Google

Which products have you been loving this month?

Let me know!

Friday, 30 March 2012

Lil Brow Wow! ♥

Morning Angels!

OMG How amazing is the weather still? I'm loving it! I look like a lobster! hehe my bad. Anyways today I'm gunna talk about brows. I hate having a brow out of place and am constantly trying to achieve that perfect arch. I think I am finally getting there ladies, fingers crossed!

This is what my brows used to look like.

Up until pretty recently I always used to keep my brows very thin - chavvy I know! :/ I tried on a number of occasions to let them grow, but always gave up when they got to that awkward stage. Anyways last year I decided enough was enough and made an appointment for HD Brows. First though, I had to do the hard part which was growing my brows long enough. I stopped cut back on plucking etc for just under 2 months and then went along to my appointment in December. I loved my new brows when they were done, but they still had a long way to go before they would be perfect. All the over-plucking I had done in the past had left me with bald patches in certain places, so I had to use pencil/shadow to fill these parts in until they grew back. I kept going to have my brows done every fortnight and don't get me wrong I loved them, but it was getting a little too expensive.

HD Brows.

This was when I decided I would try to maintain the shape at home myself. Although I am a qualified beauty therapist, I am not trained in HD Brows. I'm pretty good at doing eyebrows though, so I wasn't too worried. Only problem was I definately needed some new tools. I had used the same pair of tweezers for years and really needed some new ones, I just couldn't decide which ones to try.

Tweezerman Slant.

Then I discoved Tweezerman (where have I been?!) I'd never realised what hard work plucking my eyebrows had been, until I tried using the Tweezerman Slant. This tool is so easy to use! The slant makes tweezing much quicker and less painful. These tweezers grab every hair, even those tiny annoying ones! I never pinched my skin once either :) I always pluck after I've been in the bath, so that my pores are open - makes tweezing even easier!

Close up of what my brow looks like now.

I am now looking after my brows myself and am well on my way to having the brows that I want. I couldn't recommend a decent pair of tweezers enough! To purchase a pair similar to mine, check out the Tweezerman website here. They do so many different designs :)

Do you go to a salon or look after your brows at home?

*PR Sample

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Interview with Zee!!

Evening Cuties!

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine as much as I am :) Today I have a lovely interview with Zainab aka Zee to share with you all. Enjoy!

1. When and why did you first start blogging? I started blogging on January 2012. I have been wanting to do tutorials on YouTube for a while, but couldn’t get up the courage to do so. Then I discovered the world of blogging and fell in love with it.

2. What do you like most about blogging? I love everything about blogging. I wake up in the morning and just start reading blog Posts. It has become my addiction. It is amazing how everyone can have a different perspective on things.

3. Is there anything you dislike about blogging? Not really, everything about it is a whole new experience.

4. What do you think of my blog? Your blog is wonderful, when I first found your blog I couldn’t stop reading. I even put you in my blog roll so I wouldn't forget your website. Your blog posts are so entertaining.

5. Who/what inspires your blog? My inspiration comes from everything around me. It could be something I read or pictures I take or even celebrities

 6. What do you use to take pictures for your blog? I use my Sony Super steady shot DSC-T70. I can’t live without it.

 7. Do you or would you work with pr companies? Yea I would love to work with PR companies, as long as they are ready to respect my opinion, whatever it maybe. I also would never want to work with a PR company that isn’t targeted at my readers.

8. Do you or intend to hold giveaways on your blog? Absolutely, I am planning to hold one when I reach 50 or more followers. I think it’s necessary to give back to people that spend time reading what you have to say.


Beauty product: It has to be my 88 palette. It’s so versatile, i can’t imagine living without it.

Hair product: Tresemme

Blog: I read your blog religiously.

Website: This website is so funny I spend hours on it.

Magazine: Definitely Seventeen magazine, I eagerly wait for it every month.

Food: I am trying to be more health conscious. So anything healthy. But if I have a slip up, it would be for pizza.. yumm

Film: The Harry potter series. I’ve watched it a million times

Music: I love everything from Hindi music to techno to trance, Ohh and Adele she is so amazing.

This or that

Opi or Essie: Opi

Mac or YSL: honestly i don't own any mac or ysl but i would love to

Barbie or Sindy: Ive never owned a barbie or a sindy doll. i was more of a tomboy :P

Facebook or Twitter: Twitter

Newspapers or Books: Books, because they let you imagine.

Pizza or Pasta: Pizza no doubt

Staying in or Going out: Going out, it gives me a chance to dress up & play with my makeup

Rock or Rap: Rap

Finish this sentence

You should visit my blog because…
Well since ive just started out, i would really appreciate everyone's thoughts on my blog. Do drop by my blog i would love to get to know all of you. And I hope i can keep you guys entertained. If you do drop my leave me a link to your blogs, because i am currently addicted to reading blogs.





Thankyou so much for letting me interview you hun, I really appreciate it. Great answers!

I'm giving interviews a break for a while, but when I need more bloggers I will be sure to let you know :)

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

GHD Style Heat Protection Spray! ♥

Hello My Lovelies!

Hope you all had a great weekend and are feeling fab! I'm loving the sunshine :) Today I have a review of GHD Style Heat Protect Spray for you all. As you may remember me saying before, my hair is basically knackered. I have started to try to repair the damage by going for regular trims and recently starting to use Moroccan Oil. I have been looking for a decent heat protection for a while now, so I was excited to try this GHD one.    

The Low Down: 
'With the GHD Heat Protection Spray, you can maximise your style with heat, whenever you want to use your styler or hairdryer. For all hair types, this lightweight spray helps leave hair looking and feeling smoother.'

The Packaging:
The product comes in a slim and sophisticated black bottle. The gold and white writing is simple, yet stylish and is easy to read. The spray nozzle is perfect for spritzing just the right amount of heat protection onto the hair.The packaging oozes class and stands out from my other hair products.

How to use it:
Apply to towel dried hair before blowdrying or spray lightly on to dry hair before heat styling.

The product:
GHD Style Heat Protection Spray smells so lovely and reminds me of being at the hairdressers :) After using this product for nearly a week I really do think I can see a difference. Normally after straightening my hair I swear I could see more damage, but not after using this little beauty! My hair is now super smooth when styled and it makes me feel great when people ask if I've had my hair done :)

I love this product and would definately recommend it to anyone who wants fabulous hair. This heat protection is so versatile and can be layered with other styling products to achieve the look that you want. GHD Style Heat Protect Spray is the best I have tried without a doubt!  I would give it an amazing 9/10!

If you would like to purchase this product it is available to buy from for £9.95.

* PR Sample

Sunday, 25 March 2012

11 Questions Tag #3

Hey Cuties!

Hope you're all well and good :) Recently Aly from Seven Things Beauty and Jess from Jess Loren x both tagged me in the '11 questions' tag that has been doing the rounds. As you will have noticed I have already done this tag more than once, so this time around I'm not going to do the 11 things about me or tag others to do it. I am simply going to answer the questions that each of the girls asked. I hope you're not disappointed that I'm not doing the whole thing, I just don't want to bore your socks off!!

Here are links to my previous '11 questions' posts.

Questions from Aly

How long have you been blogging?
Around 5 months.

What is one thing you really regret?
I don't regret anything.

What is your motto?
What goes around comes around.

What are you most afraid of?

Who is one celebrity that you don't like?
Kim Kardashian.

What qualities do you look for in a friend?
I like to make friends with people that are open-minded, kind and generous. A good sense of humour is a must!

Is their anything that you wish you had done before, but now think it is too late?
Not that I can think of ...

What is your favorite book?
I love the harry potter and twilight books, couldn't possibly pick a fave!

Do you watch movies at home or in theaters?

What time do you have to get up in morning?
Usually about 8.30am.

What is your favorite thing in the sky? Moon, stars, airplanes...
I think stars are really pretty :) 

Questions from Jess
What 3 items could you not live without?
My blackberry, Teddy bear and Photo's.

 Who is your style icon?
To be honest I don't really have one, but Miranda Kerr always look amazing.

What is your fondest memory?
I had a great childhood, so any from when I was little really :)

What currently non existant beauty product would you invent if you could?
A perfume that changes with your mood ...

 Do you agree with cosmetic surgery?
To a certain extent ... I think cosmetic surgery should be used as a last resort only.

Why did your start your blog?
I thought blogging looked like fun and decided to give it a go!

 Maxi skirt or mini skirt?
Maxi all the way!

 What is your favourite item of jewellery?
I love earrings :)

 What car would you most like to drive?
A Lamborghini.

Where in the world would you holiday if money was no object?
I would travel to every state in the US :)

What would you say is your best feature?
Erm my personality?

Hope you enjoyed reading!

I love doing these kinds of tag posts, so feel free to tag me :)

Saturday, 24 March 2012

My favourite foundation! ♥

Hello again!

Two posts in one day, you are getting a treat! ;) As you know I have been answering questions put to me by you and today I shall be answering a question asked by I told you honey.

What foundation do you use and do you recommend it?

I am always chopping and changing foundations, but currently I am using Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation and I love it!! It is very reasonably priced and gives a flawless finish. I would definately recommend it!

Click here to see my full review :)

What is your favourite foundation?

Let me know :)

Blog Award #15! ♥

Afternoon Lovelies!

How are you all today? Well I hope :) I'm here to tell you all that I recently got another blog award! Candace from Keep Calm And Polish On has awarded me the Laine Blogger Award. Thankyou so much hun :)

The Rules
1) Link back to the person who gave it to you.
2) Blog about your award.
3) Give this award to 5 bloggers & let them know you gave it to them.

The Nominees

Can't believe I now have 15 blog awards!!

Feel free to keep sending them this way ;) hehe.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Lush - Bubblegum Lip Scrub Review! ♥

Afternoon Sweeties!

Today I have a review of Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub (my boy lollipop) for you. I bought this yesterday, when I went shopping with the bestie :) I never used to be a fan of Lush, but I've been hearing great things about thier products lately so decided to have a pop into thier Middlesbrough store.

The Low Down:

'Clears dead skin and flakiness from lips, leaving them moisturised and smooth. Wonderfully moisturising but light enough not to leave you feeling greasy. Keeps lips in tip top condition, for kissing, pouting, talking or anything else you wish to do with them. Provides a great base for lipstick, which looks much better on smooth prepared lips.'

The Ingredients:

Castor Sugar, Organic Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis), Methyl lonone, Flavour, Colour 45410, Colour 45380

The Packaging:

The lip scrub comes in a cute little glass tub (25g) and has a hard plastic lid that easily screws off. It looks really pretty and girly :) The labelling is clear and easy to read, which is fantastic.

How to use it:

'Scrub and buff your lips to softness, lick off the excess then apply your favourite Lush Lip Balm.'

The Product:

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub smells and tastes absolutely delicious, like candyfloss! It has a gritty consistency, which is great for exfoliating the lips. Although it is a scrub, it still feels incredibly gentle. I wasn't sure what to expect from this product, as I thought it might feel quite sticky but it doesn't! This scrub left my lips feeling so soft and smooth, and in tip top condition :)


This super sweet product is fab and I love it! I totally recommend this to anyone that wants lovely lips :) I love the fact that this product is handmade and contains no preservatives. Lush are also fighting animal testing, which is great! My one and only concern is the tub being glass, as I would be gutted if I dropped it and it smashed. As long as you're careful all will be well :) Priced at only £4.95 I think it is a steal, as this will last for ages. I would definately re-purchase this scrub and give it a 9.5/10!!

You should all dash to your nearest Lush to purchase one or shop online here.

What do you think of this product?

Have you tried it?

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Interview with Rachael!

Afternoon Sweeties!

Happy Thursday :) Another week has gone by so you know what that means? Another blogger interview! Today I would like to introduce you all to the lovely Rachael from Island Girl Insights ♥ FYI One of my most favourite blogs :)

1. When and why did you first start blogging? I started blogging in August 2010! I really liked the idea of keeping a diary, but I'm rubbish at handwritten ones, I always forget about them after a few days. I thought that blogging would be a great way to get my thoughts down on "paper" and to keep a record of what I've been doing.

2. What do you like most about blogging? I really love sharing the things I love and finding other people who love them too! I think the blogging community is so friendly and supportive. I can't ask for better friends than some of those I've made through blogging.

3. Is there anything you dislike about blogging? I think sometimes it feels like a lot of time and effort goes into blogging, with little or no return. That's really only when I've lost my mojo though - or when I have a tonne of work to do and I put it off so I can blog instead!!

4. What do you think of my blog? I love your blog! I've been following since you started out and you always seem to have great tips and tricks that I'd never heard of before. I love your reviews too - always have me wanting to spend money I don't have!

5. Who/what inspires your blog? Really I'd have to say myself! I'm a firm believer in being your own person no matter what, so if I get the urge to write about my video game obsession or my penchant for all things Dr Who then I'll just do it! I want my blog to reflect exactly who I am, inside and out! :)
6. What do you use to take pictures for your blog? I used to use my trusty little Samsung SL202 - it was perfect for me! It was recently dropped by a friend who was a little tipsy and no longer works :( I'm so sad!! I really want a DSLR, but I'm a poor student :'(

7. Do you or would you work with pr companies? I don't at the moment but I'm perfectly happy to. I won't write reviews on things that don't relate to me or my blog somehow and I won't write a positive review if I think something is rubbish!

8. Do you or intend to hold giveaways on your blog? I've already had a couple, but I don't want people joining my blog just for giveaways! Quality not quantity! :)


Beauty product: YSL Touche Eclat
Hair product: Batiste Dry Shampoo

Magazine: I don't read mags, but for the plane I get Cosmo
Food: Sushi!
Film: The Labyrinth
Music: Calypso/Soca

This or that
Opi or Essie: Essie
Mac or YSL: YSL
Barbie or Sindy: Barbie
Facebook or Twitter: Errrr, neither?
Newspapers or Books: Books
Pizza or Pasta: Pasta
Staying in or Going out: Staying in
Rock or Rap:Rock

Finish this sentence
You should visit my blog because ...
I'm really friendly and I write about a variety of things including books, travel, nails, outfits, make up, video games!! There's always something new to read :)

Twitter: @rachyylou

Thanks for letting me take part lovely xxxx

You're sooo welcome hunnie, thanks for allowing me to interview you :)

I'm not looking to interview anyone else at the moment, as I have a couple still lined up and then I shall be taking a break to make new interview questions etc.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

GOSH Click 'n' Conceal ♥

Hello Poppets!

Hope you are all well! Today I've got a review of GOSH Click 'n' Conceal. I was lucky to win this product in a giveaway that was run by Aimee at Dream 1n Colour :)

Shade 02 Medium



My regular concealer is Touche Eclat, but since recently finishing the tube and not really being able to afford to re-purchase, I have been looking for a new concealer. Like I said above, I was lucky enough to win this one in a giveaway and I couldn't wait to try it. Click 'n' Conceal comes in a black plastic tube - simple, but stylish.  It is very easy to use, all you have to do is press the little button the top of the tube. This concealer is incredibly moisturising and is easily buildable to help eliminate shadows and imperfections. As you can see from the pictures, using click ''n' conceal left me with a clear and even finish. I really like this product and would definately buy it when I have used all of this tube. It is available in three different shades, along with an anti-redness concealer, so it's suitable for most skin-tones I would imagine. At £6.99 I think GOSH are giving us a real bargain here and I would say this product deserves a delightful 8/10!

Have you tried this product?

Monday, 19 March 2012

The bloke behind the beauty blogger!!!

Hello my lovelies!

Hope you all had a fab weekend! Today I have something a little bit different for you all - an interview with my fella! I saw a similar tag thing on Nail Laquer Addict and just tweaked it abit for my own purposes hehe :p Enjoy ladies and gents!

Please introduce yourself.
Hello there, I am Phil O'Brien and I am engaged to Tiffeny.

Okay, that was easy-ish. Now for some more probing questions. What do you think about the fact that your fiancee has a beauty blog and is obsessed with all things beauty?
It's what she likes doing, as long as she is happy with it so am I.

What is your favorite color polish that she has worn?
A while back she did her nails black and white, using those cracked-effect polishes, after I had given her the idea :p We nicknamed it 'the twilight look'

Do you happen to know the name of that polish or is it just a colour to you?
Dont have a clue, but the black one was from superdrug and the white one was from boyes ...

What's the craziest thing you've done for your partner in the name of her beauty obsession?
Had a manicure and let her pluck my eyebrows (ouch!!)

What are the benefits, if any in your opinion, of having a fiancee that has a beauty obsession?
She keeps herself in tiptop shape.

What are the most annoying things, if any in your opinion, of having a lady that has a beauty obsession?
Taking 6 hours to get ready.

What makeup and fashion products do you like on your girl?
Turn around, give your head a wobble and come back to me with a sensible question! Makeup is makeup.

Here's your opportunity to win over the hearts and hands of hundreds of girls: say something nice about your fiancee.
She is amazing and I will stand by her no matter what because I love her <3 xxxxxxx

Okay now that this is concluding, any last thoughts or comments you'd like your girl's readers to know about her?
Please just keep following her blog, as I think she's doing an amazing job and she cant do all this without the support of you lot :)

Aww what a cutie eh?! ♥

Feel free to pinch this for your own man to fill in, just make sure you leave me links so I can have a read (and giggle!!)

Friday, 16 March 2012

Fearne Cotton - Night Compact ♥

Hey Sweeties!

Hope you are all good :) Today I have a review of Fearne Cotton's from dusk til dawn eyes Night Compact. I was lucky enough to win this in a giveaway, run by Rachel from Life Of A Sweetaholic and decided to pop a review up.

The Low Down:

'Just the thing to create eye-catching looks whether you’re getting ready for a party or meeting friends for cocktails. Wear these shades alone or build up for intense colour on the eyes and with double ended brushes you can mix and match shades for a look that’s unmistakably yours.'

The Ingredients:

Talc, Zinc stearate, Paraffinum liquidum, Dimethicone, Mathylparaben, Propylparaben, Tocopherol, (+/- Mica, Tin oxide, CI 77491, CI 77499, CI 77492, CI 42090, CI 77510)

The Packaging:

The hard plastic packaging that this product comes in is really sturdy and pretty. It is black and has colourful flowers and little bugs on it. The writing is gold & white and easy to read. The compact is nice & slim, therefore ideal for slipping into your handbag. Also simple to open, which is a major plus.

How to use it:

Wear these shades alone or build up for intense colour on the eyes. With the double ended brush you can mix and match shades.

 The Product:

Fearne's Night Compact includes 3 eye shadows, a double ended brush and a nice sized mirror. Each eye shadow has a little bug on it, which makes them look really cute. The shadows aren't named, but I would describe them as being dark turqoise, gold and bronze. I totally love how shimmery these eyeshadows are (especially the turquoise!!) and how easy they are to blend.


Celeb-endorsed products tend to catch my eye and this is no exception. I really like this compact - lovely packaging, reasonably priced and the shadows have fab staying power. If you're looking to treat yourself this is perfect, but I wouldn't say it's a must-have. Just something pretty to have alongside your other makeup. I would give this a 7/10 :)

Have you tried this product?