Thursday, 1 March 2012

Interview with Kelsey Kate!!!

Evening Ladies!

Tonight I would like to introduce you all to the gorgeous Kelsey Kate from Penelopes Beauty Obsession :)

1. When and why did you first start blogging? i first started my blog in may 2009,when i started i didn’t really have the time or energy to carry it on, i started it again in November and haven’t looked back since, i love my blog

2. What do you like most about blogging? i love talking to you guys, i love twitting to everyone and reading all the comments, and i love to review products

3. Is there anything you dislike about blogging? not at all!

4. What do you think of my blog? I love all your pictures, all your posts are so different and intresting, its very fun to read

5. Who/what inspires your blog? It inspires me by reading everyones blog, by getting involved with #bbloggers and generally walking around shops and finding new products to try out

6. What do you use to take pictures for your blog? I either use my iphone if im out and about or i use my beautiful camera: Fujifilm 10 mega pixel

7. Do you or would you work with pr companies? I have with a couple and i wouldn’t mind to, as long as you state what you got from them and don’t fill your blog with them i think its fine

8. Do you or intend to hold giveaways on your blog? Yes, i have a giveaway on my blog atm, to say thank you for the 100 followers, it’s my very first one, and can be found here

Beauty product:Mac cosmetics
Hair product:Joico
Blog: The Cosmetics Kitten - Lauren
Website: Blogger
Food: anything sweet and chocolatey
Film: either kung fu pander or transformers :]
Music: any, and im not kidding!!!!

This or that
Opi or Essie: opi
Mac or YSL: mac, durrr!
Barbie or Sindy: barbie
Facebook or Twitter: twitter
Newspapers or Books: books
Pizza or Pasta: pizza
Staying in or Going out: staying in, caz im sad lol

Finish this sentence
You should visit my blog because ...i love to talk about new products and reviewing them, i love to chat with everyone too, so drop me a comment :]

Facebook: i don’t have one =[

Thanks for letting me interview you hunnie!

If you would allow me to interview you, please email me at or leave your email address in a comment below.


  1. it's such a lovely idea from you to do an interview with her :) so kind!
    really nice blog you have here!


    1. Aww thanks hun, I like your blog too :) xxx

  2. Hey lovely, I'd love to do this interview! I'd love it if you could do my updated Be My Guest too! <3 xxx

    1. I'm actually in the middle of filling out your new be my guest! When I'm done I'll email it to you along with questions for you to answer, I'm making new ones too :) xoxo

  3. lovely interview.. i followed her immediately. hope you can check out my blog i am a new blogger

    1. Thanks chick, I already follow your blog :) xx

  4. I love reading blogger interviews and finding new interesting blogs this way xxx


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