Friday, 30 March 2012

Lil Brow Wow! ♥

Morning Angels!

OMG How amazing is the weather still? I'm loving it! I look like a lobster! hehe my bad. Anyways today I'm gunna talk about brows. I hate having a brow out of place and am constantly trying to achieve that perfect arch. I think I am finally getting there ladies, fingers crossed!

This is what my brows used to look like.

Up until pretty recently I always used to keep my brows very thin - chavvy I know! :/ I tried on a number of occasions to let them grow, but always gave up when they got to that awkward stage. Anyways last year I decided enough was enough and made an appointment for HD Brows. First though, I had to do the hard part which was growing my brows long enough. I stopped cut back on plucking etc for just under 2 months and then went along to my appointment in December. I loved my new brows when they were done, but they still had a long way to go before they would be perfect. All the over-plucking I had done in the past had left me with bald patches in certain places, so I had to use pencil/shadow to fill these parts in until they grew back. I kept going to have my brows done every fortnight and don't get me wrong I loved them, but it was getting a little too expensive.

HD Brows.

This was when I decided I would try to maintain the shape at home myself. Although I am a qualified beauty therapist, I am not trained in HD Brows. I'm pretty good at doing eyebrows though, so I wasn't too worried. Only problem was I definately needed some new tools. I had used the same pair of tweezers for years and really needed some new ones, I just couldn't decide which ones to try.

Tweezerman Slant.

Then I discoved Tweezerman (where have I been?!) I'd never realised what hard work plucking my eyebrows had been, until I tried using the Tweezerman Slant. This tool is so easy to use! The slant makes tweezing much quicker and less painful. These tweezers grab every hair, even those tiny annoying ones! I never pinched my skin once either :) I always pluck after I've been in the bath, so that my pores are open - makes tweezing even easier!

Close up of what my brow looks like now.

I am now looking after my brows myself and am well on my way to having the brows that I want. I couldn't recommend a decent pair of tweezers enough! To purchase a pair similar to mine, check out the Tweezerman website here. They do so many different designs :)

Do you go to a salon or look after your brows at home?

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  1. I'm definitely a DIY girl when it comes to my brows, and I've been practising it for so long, all my friends think i get them done at a salon :)


  2. sounds great, would love to try it! i do it at home too, went to the saloon few times but i've never been satisfied

  3. After having them messed up so many times in salons I stick to doing them myself theyre pretty much how I want them now Im into threading them at the min just think its easier quicker and u get a better shape x

  4. I really want to try HD Brows but I bet it really does get expensive, I might just book an appointment to get my eye brows shaped properly, they're so unruly :(

    Frances x
    Twitter: @FCassandraBlog

    1. I'd say HD Brows are a great treat if you're going somewhere special :) A regular wax/shape is fine for day to day x

  5. I really want to try HD brows xxx

    1. They are fab, but like i said above better as a treat than a regular thing xxx

  6. Ah, they're looking fab now! :D

    Mine used to be really thin. I started getting them threaded last August and now I honestly get lots of compliments on them - a weird thing to be complimented on I think but it's nice all the same! xx

    1. Aww thanks hun :) I used to thread mine, but haven't for a while, may have to get my thread out again ;) xx


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