Monday, 27 February 2012

How much do you spend on makeup monthly?

Hello Sweethearts!

Hope you're all well :) As you may know alot of people have been asking me questions and like I said previously, I will be answering them via blog posts. Today I will be answering a question put to me by Anibani.

How much do you spend on makeup monthly?

Well to be honest this often varies quite dramatically. Lately I have been trying to spend alot less, as I am literally overrun with makeup (especially lipgloss!) I am going to do a full post on my makeup collection in the near future (complete with pictures ofcourse!), so I won't go into detail but basically I could open my own branch of Boots. Having said that, I can't resist the odd new bit so at the moment I would say I am spending around £30 per month. Obviously that changes If I'm on abit of a shopping spree, as all rational thoughts go out of the window and I usually end up spending more on makeup than clothes, shoes etc. I think I have a problemSometimes I go crazy and buy myself a high-end product which costs a small fortune, or sometimes I spend the same on a cheaper brand and get like 10 items for the same price! Before I started limiting my makeup buys I was spending £60 per month atleast, but I don't actually think my outgoings for cosmetics are that bad, considering I am a total makeup whore! What do you think?

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How much money do you spend on makeup each month?

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  1. I'm spending less by using Beauty Box Swaps, but spending more on Beauty boxes lol xo

  2. I've been pretty good since November since before i could easily spend £100 or so without batting an eyelid. But i've been trying to save but lusting after a few higher end products. God knows whats gunna happen when i have to be a real adult and pay rent and bills and things! :P


  3. I think I've managed to cut it down to about £20 per month on makeup and I'm trying to use up some of my old products rather than just buying new ones all the time.


  4. Just found your blog on Monday Beauties blog hop. New follower! :)

    On a avg month probably somewhere around $30ish (sometimes less, sometimes more)... I've spent well over that this month though so it varies. At least $12 every month though because I get the Beauty Army box.


  5. too much! I need to cut down, cancelled two beauty boxes so far x

  6. I used to spend so much on make up, it was insane. The money I earnt would almost all go towards make up and beauty products. But now, since I'm at uni I've cut down A LOT. I do still spend but I research products before I go out to buy them so I know whether it'll be worth the money, since in the UK you can't return used items..

  7. I spend way way way too much on makeup. Mostly nail varnish, really, and beauty boxes. I need to cut down! Mind, I have been a bit mo9re restrained lately...

  8. well.. if i tell u in terms of dollars I spend more or less 20 to 25.. this month was exception though.. coz my husband went to dubai and I asked him to purchase a lot of stuff which we dont get here...

  9. Im spending way to much on makeup!! HAHA:)

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