Thursday, 9 February 2012

Interview with Sian! x

Hey Poppets!

Hope you are all well :) Today I would like to introduce you all to the lovely Sian <3


1. When and why did you first start blogging?
 I started my blog in May 2009 but never really blogged. It wasn't until I was part of the More! Beauty Hot 100 that I started to do it properly.

 2. What do you like most about blogging?
There's so many things I love about blogging. The community is just so amazing and supportive. The opportunities you get are such an experience, it's all just so lovely.

 3. Is there anything you dislike about blogging?
 I haven't had any negative or horrible comments or come in contact with any horrible people. Sometimes writing and taking photos can be stressful, especially when your camera doesn't co-operate!

 4. What do you think of my blog?
 Your blog was one of the first I followed when I started to blog properly. I get inspiration from your blog. Love it.

 5. Who/what inspires your blog?
Other blogs, magazines, internet, certain products, YouTube gurus. A lot of things really.

6. What do you use to take pictures for your blog?
My new Panasonic DMC-LS5

 7. Do you or would you work with pr companies?
I would love to work with PR companies, I'm just sure about how it all works and whether I can approach them first.

 8. Do you or intend to hold giveaways on your blog?
Yeah, once I hit a certain milestone I will probably do a giveaway. Also, I may do one at Christmas too. 


 Beauty product: There's too many to choose from!
Hair product: Aussie range
Blog: Cor blimey, there's so many! llymlrs has a lovely blog, really good reviews and fashion posts.
Website: Picnik, blogger, twitter...
Magazine: More! Company.
Food: Salad
Film: Lion King
Music: Indie, rock, alternative

This or that

 Opi or Essie: OPI
Mac or YSL: MAC
Barbie or Sindy: Barbie
Facebook or Twitter: Twitter
Newspapers or Books: Books
Pizza or Pasta: Ooh, tough. Both? Probably pasta ;)
Staying in or Going out: Staying in, I'm not really into clubbing and stuff. I love going to the cinema and for meals but you can't beat a good night in.
Rock or Rap: Rock!

Finish this sentence

 You should visit my blog because ... I don't just post about one topic. I do fashion, beauty and general goings on in my life. I love to know that people enjoy my blog and its content. I would write it even if 1 person looked on it. I'm still new so the more people that follow me, the more inspiration I get!





Thanks for letting me interview you hunnie :)

If you would allow me to interview you please email me at


  1. Thank you so much! Lovely questions from a lovely person.



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