Thursday, 5 January 2012

Get to know me tag! x

Hey Girlies! I meant to do this ages ago after seeing it on a couple of other blogs. I completely forgot however, so I shall do it now. I tag you all! If you do this on your blog, leave me a link so I can check it out :)
Vital Statistics:

*Name - Tiffeny Irene Coles

*Nicknames - Tiff, Princess, Babe, Angel Girl

*Birthday - 9th December 1987

*Place of Birth - Stockton-On-Tees, UK

*Zodiac Sign - Saggitarius

*Male or Female - Female

*Occupation - Currently nothing -.-


*Hair Colour - Brown at the moment

*Hair Length - Mid-Length

*Eye Colour - Green & Hazel

*Best Feature - My Eyes & Lips

*Height - 5'6"

*Braces - Never had them

*Glasses - Nope

*Piercings - 3 sets in each ear, tragus left ear

*Tattoos - I have seven

*Righty of Lefty - Righty

Your "Firsts":

*First Best Friend - A girl named Dawn in primary school

*First Award - A dance one

*First Sport You Joined - None, I don't like sport

*First Real Vacation - France when I was eleven

*First Concert - Party in the park


*Movie - I absolutely love Saw

*TV Show - The only way is essex

*Colour - Pink

*Song - Got to love you by Sean Paul right now

*Candy - Rhubarb & Custard by Haribo

*Restaurant - Tgi Fridays

*Store - New Look & Peacocks

*Book - Harry Potter & Twilight

*Magazine - More!

*Shoes - Cute little flat ones :)


*Feeling - Impatient

*Single or Taken - Taken <3

*Eating - Nothing

*Listening to - Myself tapping away on the keybaord

*Thinking about - Bed!

*Wanting - Money!

*Watching - The computer screen

*Wearing - Pj's


*Want children? - Yes

*Want to be married - Yes <3

*Careers in mind - No idea!

*Where do you want to live - Somewhere nice :)

Do You Believe In:

*God - No

*Miracles - Maybe

*Love at first sight - Not sure

*Ghosts - Yes

*Aliens - Possibly

*Soul Mates - Definitely

*Heaven - Kinda

*Hell - No

*Kissing on the first date - Yeah

*Yourself - Most of the time no.


  1. I like your post, in your nicknames I saw the name Princess which made me LOL cos its also what I get called. Must be a beauty blogger thing ;) I might do this tag in the next week or so. Great piccies.

  2. Ahh it's so nice to find out a bit more about your favourite bloggers isn't it? <3 Will def be stealing this lovely!

  3. Yeah it is :) Ooh I'll look out for it chick xoxo

  4. You look so different with brown hair compared to blond! Both are lovely though! Got to love you is SUCH an addictive song as well haha <3

  5. Everyone tells me that :p Oh I listen to that song multiple times each day! xxx

  6. Great tag! I love finding out more about the bloggers I follow!

    I did the same Tag on my blog and linked that I got it from you - hope that's ok!

    Em :-)


  7. Of course it's okay! I'll take a look at your answers now :) xxx


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