Monday, 9 January 2012

How To: Lip Tattoo! x

I was over the stars with the response I got from last weeks How to: Nail Wraps post, so thanks everyone! :) This week I am going to do a tutorial on the lip tattoo, but be warned they can be very tricky to get right.

What you will need

Lip tattoo
Face cloth, sponge or cotton wool balls
Baby Oil


1. Ensure your lips are clean of any makeup/products.
2.Place the top lip stencil on your top lip and open your mouth to 'ahh' position.
3. Measure to correct length and trim the excess from both sides.
4. Place the stencil back on your top lip and measure the height to your inner lip, stay just outside your natural lip line. Trim the excess width.
5. Remove the clear cover from the printed side of the stencil and place the sticky side on your top lip.
6. Smooth with your finger from the centre, to the edges with your mouth in the 'ahh' position.
7. Apply water onto the back of the transfer using a face cloth, sponge or cotton wool ball. I used a face cloth.
8. Make sure the back is thoroughly wet and wait for approximately 40 seconds.
9. Gently peel off the back, wet your lips and smooth out any creases.
10. Allow to dry for approximately 5 minutes, then repeat on the bottom lip.

Tip - For added glam apply a nice gloss over your lip tattoo!

To remove the lip tattoo simply soak the lips with baby oil, wait approximately 90 seconds and then wipe off.

In the pack of lip tattoos I used you got 3 in the pack. I'm not sure where they were from or how much they were, as I got them in my christmas stocking :)

Celebrites wearing lip tattoos

Jessie J

Kim Kardashian

Kelly Rowland

Have you tried lip tattoos & do you like them?


  1. OMG girl I really thought you were talking about "tattooing your lips" hahha I always wondered how ppl did that LOL. I love how kim K looks in that pic, but those are deff something I wouldnt wear unless it was Halloween or a dress up party. BTW thank for following my blog it means the world to me.

  2. Another great post, Tiffeny :)

    I tried to use these once, and it just did not work at all!! lol. I still have a pack, so I might try again just for fun.

  3. This is just not a trend I am interested in trying unless I'm dressing up. I don't see the point or how a person can justify them in everyday wear.

    I found your blog through the Beauty Blog Hop and am currently following. Please be sure to check out my blog as well. -Jen

  4. I can't make up my mind about this- they look great but like jennifer says i'm not sure when i'd ever wear them! i wish they did them in a normal lip colour form- e.g. bright red lips.

  5. @Nettiema - LOL even I'm not that crazy ;) I would definately ahve to going to the right event to wear this trend out hehe. Aww your so welcome :)

    @Sarah - Thanks so much hun <3 Yeah you should sooo try again!

    @Jennifer - I think everyones everyday style is different, this look would totally take ALOT of confidence to pull off. Thanks for following :)

    @Jenna - I know what you mean, this is a love it or hate it trend! It's funny you should say that I was just having a conversation about how I think normal coloured ones would be really popular :D

  6. Hopping over from Friday Friend & Follow on POAB! Carpal Tunnel acting up, so I just arrived now!

  7. love the blog!
    lip tattoos... hmm.. not sure if im a fan!
    following u!

    follow me back ?


  8. @Diana - Hey! :)

    @Jasmine - Thanks hunnie :) Hehe you either love them or hate them! Yes of course xxx

  9. Wow they're very daring! Not sure it'd be something i could pull off but they look sooo cool! You've reminded me i've got some lip-foils to review so thanks!

    Georgie <3

  10. @Georgie - I know they are like! lol. Welcome hun :p xxx


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