Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Hello people! Hope you are all well :) Today started off pretty well for a change, the postman came with a parcel for me. It said loreal on the box, but i really had no idea at all what it was. Turns out i'd entered a competition (i can't actually remember lol) and won 1 of 1000 elvive triple resist shampoo & conditioners :) Full size bottles might I add, that came beautifully wrapped in some pink tissue paper. I also recieved a lovely letter along with it congratulating me on my win! When I use them i'll post a review on here.

my win :) ^^

Unfortunately after my good luck my day started to go a bit downhill. I booked a doctors appointment because my feet, ankles and knees swelled up. The doctor checked me over and thought it may be deep vein thrombosis, so sent me straight to hospital for tests. I was in the emergancy assessment unit for over two hours having blood tests done etc and then had to wait for results. Fortunately it turned out not to be dvt and the swelling was just due to the pregnancy hormones remaining in my body, but i could have done without another trip to hospital. It's better to be safe than sorry though i guess.

To cheer myself up when i got home i decided to try out the barrym crackle effect nail polish.

My review - Absolutely fantastic! I was a bit sceptical as to how good it would actually be, as i used the opi shatter nail varnish a while ago and didn't think this cheaper option would be able to compete. In my opinion the barrym version beats it hands down! I think it drys alot quicker and gives a better effect. At only £3.99 it's a bargain and i can afford to try it in other colours :) <3 9/10

barrym crackle effect ^^

As you may know i am doing the 30 day challenge ...

Day 02 – The meaning behind your Blog name

My blog is named just tiffeny as you can see and the reason is - my name is tiffeny and i wanted something simple. Easy peasy!

I hope you enjoyed reading :)

Lots Of Love


  1. ooh that loreal stuff looks lovely! haha i hardly ever win competitions and found it amusing that u forgot u had entered it!
    the barry m crackle looks lovely too!! mine never looks very good when i try it!!

    am hosting a nail polish giveaway on my blog if you fancy taking a peek


  2. I'm going to try the loreal stuff today and then post a review :) I enter so many competitions it's hard to remember lol & i hadly ever win either. Aww thankyou <3 I think it just looks better on some base colours than others. I will definately check out your giveaway hun xoxo

  3. I love my crackle effect polish! Haven't used it for ages so might do my nails tonight - feel inspired :)

  4. It's great isn't it? :) Yes, You definately should! xoxo


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