Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Franken Polish!

Hey Ladies! Hope you are all well :) I've just spent the day at home today, so I thought I'd try out something I've been reading about ...

I'm not sure whether you will have heard of 'franken polish' before or not. To explain in the most basic way what it is, I would say it is simply mixing different nail colours together to create your own. I know there can be a lot more to it, but I'm still learning - so this is as far as I'll be going right now. I gave it a go for the first time today and it was fun & easy.

I took a nearly empty 15ml nail polish bottle and rinsed it out with nail varnish remover. I then filled it half way with a blue polish, a quarter more with a cream colour and a small amount of red. I filled the bottle to the top with a shimmer. Below are the nail varishes I used.

Badgequo Paint Pot in Blue
Beautique Nail Polish in Cream
Gallery Colours in Latin Beat 400 (Red)

Shimmer was made by mixing a small amount of Beautique Silver Glitter into Avon's Nail Expert 24k Gold Strength.

The end result was this lovely colour, that I have named 'Autumn Pixie' Let me know what you think <3

First attempt at 'franken polish' ^^

If you're interested in learning more about 'franken polish', check these out:

30 Day Challenge

Day 08 – Short term goals for this month and why

#1 - Start Christmas shopping, because if i don't now i never will!
#2 - Buy Christmas cards, same reason as above ^^
#3 - Buy some new nail colours, so I can try out more 'franken polishes'
#4 - Try to save some money, so that I have a few quid in the bank for 2012
#5 - Sort my hair extensions out, because they are a mess :/

Hope you Enjoyed Reading!
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  1. Look at you being all brave and experimental and creating your own polish! Looks like you ended up with a lovely shade, too.


  2. I love that shade it's so pretty! What a cool idea :D xxxx

  3. awww thankyou girls! :) i'm going to try and mix like one a month, so keep an eye out for that <3 xoxo

  4. this color looks really dramatic! Love it <3


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