Friday, 25 November 2011

Reviews & 30 day challenge!

Afternoon sweeties! Hope you're all good ♥  I've had a weird couple of days, but i'm okay. Today i recieved the foot scrubs from more magazine that i'm reviewing for thier triple tested feature in january, so thats exciting :) I'm not reviewing them on here though, you shall just have to wait until the issue my reviews are in hits the shelves :p I got a rather nice 50ml sample of fake tan from creightons a couple of days ago, so i've reviewed that along with a super cheap eyeshadow that i purchased last night. Enjoy!

Creightons Instant Tan Matte

What they say -  Bronze Ambition Glow 'N' Go Instant Tan Matte creates a flawless instant golden glow that easily washes off, while giving your skin a smooth radiant finish.

What I say - This tan was very easy to use & gave me a bit of a glow, but it was no where near 'flawless'. I did take pictures, but i'm not posting them because you cannot see the tan in the pictures at all so there's not a lot of point to be honest. At £1.99 for 100ml it is very cheap & i hear you saying you only get what you pay for, but i usually use st moriz and that's a cheap tan too, yet it is amazing! It did wash off easily, but i think that may be because there wasn't much colour to wash off. I would not recommend this product, but it's not the worst i've ever tried. If you still wish to try it then click here to visit there website & use the code AWEB for 15% off.

Rate - 5.5/10

Lacura Duo Eyeshadow
In 302 Purple

What they say - Lacura Duo Eyeshadow in perfectly coordinated colour combinations for perfect eye make up.

What I say - What a fantastic beauty find! This little gem costs only £1.99 & is absolutely fab! I think the packaging is cool & i love that you get a compact mirror :) The colours are lovely & complement my green eyes perfectly. The shadows are so shimmery & will be perfect for christmas parties. Get yourselves down to aldi (yes that's right!) before they sell out!!!!

Rate - 8/10


30 Day Challenge

Day 22 – What makes you different from everyone else

Everything! No two people are the same, we are all unique. From the way we look, to our interests & hobbies. How boring would life be if we all looked the same & liked the same things?! My answer is very.

Day 23 – Something you crave for a lot
Reeces peanut butter cups! They are amazing :p

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  1. Great review!!! I'm here for the blog hop.

  2. Ahhhh pb cups! I have a proper addiction :) x

  3. Great Site! Now following from blog hop.

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    Have a great weekend!


  4. @Patricia Colucci - Aww thanks chick :) Oooh I'll check your blog out now! xx

    @Krystyna Mmmm - Gorgeous arent they?! :P xoxo

    @beatnikki - Thanks hun :) I'll check your blog out, hope you have a great weekend too! xx

  5. Shimmer! I love the the Reese's cups mention. Good choice.

    Mary from

  6. The eyeshadow is pretty!! Xx

  7. @Mary - Can't beat reeses peanut butter cups! :p xx

    @Alex - Aww thanks hunnie :) xoxo

  8. Ah I've heard Aldi make up is pretty decent but never dared try, might give it a chance :) x

  9. ooo, must try out those shadows! they look quite pigmented! :Dxx


  10. Arw what a lovely 30 day challenge post! :)

    I awarded you! xxx

  11. amazing review. thanks sharing, love. so glad I found your blog. definitely following. If you get a sec I'd love to hear what you think of my fashion blog. It's all about the adventures of a southern girl turned LA local. xo

  12. @ My name? - ellie - Oh you should definately give them a go, they are amazing! :)

    @Pickle - Aww thanks hunnie :) OMG my first blog award! Thankyou so much <3 xoxo

    @Fash Boulevard - Thanks chick :) I will definately check your blog out xx


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