Sunday, 6 November 2011

My Weekend/Avon Reviews!

Hello everyone! Hope you all enjoyed any firework displays/ bonfire night parties you attended :) I didn't bother making any plans this year and just watched some pretty fireworks from my fiance's window, in the xfactor ad breaks hehe <3 What did you get up to in honour of guy fawkes and what do you think of the xfactor this year?

 As promised below are reviews on some of the avon products i got yesterday.

Colourtrend - final touch pressed powder
(in translucent)

My review -  I use this face powder all the time and it is absolutely amazing! The packaging is cool, It is really cheap & gives skin that flawless finish. I apply it with a dumpy brush and I'm always over the moon with the fantastic results.

Packaging ^^

Looks orange here, but it isnt! ^^

How it looks on ^^

Frosted swirls - purse spray
(in winter bloom)
My review - I was totally disappointed with this scent. I like light perfumes, but this was just too light. It didn't really smell much of anything to be honest. I'd still use this rather than some over the top, heavy fragrance, but I wouldn't buy it again. Pretty packaging though!

Looks pretty ^^

Avon Senses - shower gel
(in mystique)
My review - My best friend recommended i try this shower gel and I wasn't disappointed. I used it i the bath on a scrunchie and it left my skin smelling beautiful. What a great bargain!

sensual & romantic ^^

30 day challenge

Day 05 – A picture of somewhere you’ve been to
It might not be abroad or anywhere flash, but blackpool is one of my favourite places that i have visited :)


Day 06 – Favorite super hero and why
I'm not really a fan of super heroes , but i'll say kick ass - i like the movie lol.

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  1. Avon is so great for bargains! The shower gels are lovely.

    My boyfriend and I parked up the top of a hill to watch all the displays with a blanket, flask of hot chocolate, sparklers and snacks lol! =p

    ~ Lauren <3

  2. I'm going to do an avon giveway when i have 100 followers, so look out for it! :) Awww that sounds sooo romantic! <3 xoxo

  3. Great review =) I like your blog, follow each other ? xxx

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ♥
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  4. Aww thankyou :D Yes of course, I'll follow you now xoxo

  5. Oh awesome, I shall keep an eye out! Yeah, it was pretty romantic lol in a cheesy way!! Love a bit of cheesiness every now and again tho.. =p

    ~ Lauren <3

  6. yay! i love Avon and the Avon senses shower gel is the best! :) Also, I'm new to blogger and would love if you checked out my blog! and follow if you like! :) XoXo Mgymnastbeauty

  7. I know avon is rather amazing isnt it?! :) I'll definately check out your blog <3 xoxo

  8. I'm loving Avon at the moment, great post Tiffeny!


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