Thursday, 3 November 2011


Hello my lovelies I've been entering lots of giveaways on other peoples blogs today, I hope I win! hehe. I think I might run a giveaway on here once I get 100 followers, I want to wait a while so that I know people enjoy what I'm reading and don't just follow for freebies! lol.

I started using more gentle hair dyes when I was pregnant and found they are alot kinder to hair, so I'm going to continue to use them. Today I dyed my hair using clairol nice and easy - medium brown - ammonia free - non permanent dye. Check out what I thought of it below :)

My review - In comparison to other home dying kits this one was a lot less messy, I managed to get through the whole process without getting the colour everywhere like I usually do. It smelled nice and seemed to develop in the time it said on the box (15 minutes). It was easy to wash out & I am pleased with the result. Now we shall just have to wait and see how long it lasts. It says upto 24 washes on the box, but the upto 8 washes dye I used previously only lasted half of that. I'll keep you updated.

Hair dye I used ^^

Before & After ^^

As you may know I recieved bottles of loreal elvive triple resist shampoo and conditioner yesterday from a competition win.

My review - After using the shampoo my hair felt quite soft. When I rinse off most other shampoos my hair feels extremely dry, so thumbs up for that. I was slightly disappointed that the shampoo didn't smell of much, but when i opened the conditioner that smelled lovely. The bottles claim that these products make hair stronger, amongst other things, but I suppose you wouldnt really notice after only using it once. I would use these again, but I still prefer my usual schwarzkopf gliss shampoo and conditioner to be honest.

the shampoo & conditioner ^^

After I'd done my hair, my fiance popped round for a cuppa (we don't live together yet - lack of funds! lol) and brought me a big tub of celebrations as a treat :) Since I'm a greedy guts I went to open them straight away & saw that the seal was broken. I asked him why and he informed me that he had wanted a chocolate so he had opened them :/ The cheeky so and so! I was calling him every name under the sun in my head and thinking what kind of person does that, until rummaging around picking out the chocolates and shovelling them into my mouth I spotted something. Tickets for breaking dawn! I'm a huge twilight fan and as a suprise my lovely fella had hidden them in my chocolates, how sweet? (get it :p hehe) I felt really guilty for being so ungrateful, but nothing a big sloppy kiss couldn't fix! <3

my treat :D ^^

Last but not least, it's time for the 30 day challenge ...

Day 03 – A picture of you and your friends

I don't have many friends, so here is a pic with my best friend :)

Me & sarah :) ^^

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  1. awwww so sweet of your fella! Ive never tried nice and easy, let us know what you reckon about how long it lasts, although the colour its given you is so lush! Im a loreal ferrara girl...but mainly because it gives me bold dark red hair xxx

  2. I know, what a cutie eh?! <3 I will be sure to post about how long the dye lasts etc xoxo


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