Tuesday, 1 November 2011

White Rabbit!

Hey girlies, i cannot believe it is 1st november already! This year has gone so fast. I think i'm feeling a little better today. I managed to venture out shopping for the first time in ages, so that's pretty good. Didn't go anywhere spectacular - just into town, but it was nice to get outta the house for while. Considering the amount of money i spent while i was out and about, i didnt really get much but i guess that's just how it goes lol. I did buy some barrym crackle nail polish though, so when i try it i'll let you all know what i think of it and post some pics. Also got some more eyelure false lash glue because i ran out and seriously that is the only stuff that seems to stick false lashes on me! When I was in a shop i spotted the saturdays magnetizing nails, has any tried that? what's it like? I went to cafe nero too for my favourite, so all is good!

strawberry frappe milkshake & chocolate crunch nom nom!! ^^

bits & bobs i bought ^^

When i got home i was flicking through the superdrug christmas mag and saw that there is an the only way is essex makeup range out! I am beyond excited! Has anyone used it? Is it any good? Tbh though I don't really care, I'll still probably buy it anyway because i do love towie! hehe.

towie makeup!! ^^

Tonight I cooked my fiance a lasagne and for me it was pretty amazing! Usually I'm more of a can't cook won't cook type, but i gave it a go and it turned out well. I would have posted a pic to show off my culinary skills, but unfortunately it looked and smelled so nice i had to just eat it straight away! Sorry!

-------- blank space due to greediness -------

I've seen quite a few people doing the 30 day challenge on their blogs, so i decided to give it a go :)

Day 01 – A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

#1 - I'm obsessed with pink things, giraffes and hello kitty
#2 - I have type 2 diabetes
#3 - I'm terrified of spiders, taxi drivers, ladybirds and dentists
#4 - I am a qualified beauty therapist
#5 - I have been engaged for 18 months
#6 - I love Eminem, pink and marilyn manson
#7 - In the past i have auditioned for bigbrother and xfactor
#8 - Last year i appeared on the weakest link
#9 - I am a total horror movie addict
#10 - My favourite food is pizza
#11 - My mum is my idol,if i turn out to be half the woman she is i will be proud
#12 - I have 7 tattoos
#13 - I have my tragus pierced
#14 - I'm a twi-hard
#15 - I've only started to be close to my dad in the last year, eventhough we live together

Hope you enjoyed reading :) Please vote in my poll on the left hand side of page!

Lots Of Love


  1. yum that cafe nero spread looks delicious! deffo show pics of the barry m crackle when you can, and ditto swatches of towie make up (will it be orange and vajazzled..will hopefully not vajazzled tube wise lol but you get what i mean-maybe :P ) oh and im terrified of dentists too...sadly my sis works at one so comes home with that dentisty smell... xxx

  2. Offft, I want that Chocolate Crunch from Cafe Nero right now! I wasn't hungry til I looked at that! Haha. I can't believe TOWIE have a makeup range, I'll defo be buying it! I can't get enough of Essex. xxx

  3. Oh my god, I had now idea there was TOWIE makeup out, I really want to try it now. And that chocolate crunch looks so amzingly yummy!

  4. Hey! I just found your blog and it is amazing!

    I am following your blog and I hope you will follow mine too!

    Ana Wallflower

  5. @DibDabs Oh it was delicious! I've just tried the barrym nail polish, so i will post pic up in todays blog post :) Hehe yes i know what you mean! Urgh dentists are the worst :/ xoxo

    @Grace I shouldn't really be nibbling on a chocolate crunch coz i'm diabetic, but i can't help being naughty! :p Ohh i knoww, towie is the best :D xoxo

    @ Style Pony I didn't either till i spotted it in superdrugs mag :) It really was soooo yummy! :p xoxo

    @Ana Wallflower Aww thankyou so much :D I'm following yours too now xoxo

  6. Ahh i love Hello Kitty! :) And i have to agree with being scared of Spiders and dentists! xxx

  7. Hello kitty is the best! <3 Spiders & dentists no no! :/ xoxo


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