Thursday, 8 December 2011

Advent Calender & 30 Day Beauty Challenge

Hey Lovelies! Hope you are all well :) This is just a quick post to catch you up on what i've been getting in my advent calender everyday & to post my 30 day beauty challenge. Enjoy!

Here's what i recieved in my advent calender in the last few days :)

A cute little bunny rabbit shower gel

Watermelon lip balm

False lashes

Reeses bar

30 Day Beauty Challenge

Day 04 - Favourite Foundation

Day 05 - An Outfit That Is Totally You

Day 06 - Favourite Makeup Brand

There will be a more interesting new post once my birthday is out of the way. I've been super busy!

Hope i didn't bore you too much ;)


  1. Watermelon lip balm??! I want!!

  2. Thanks darlings :) Alex the lipbalm is from wilkinsons! xoxo


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