Friday, 23 December 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is ...

Hellooooo! Thanks so much to everyone that voted in my poll :) My new weekly feature is going to be Wishlist Wednesday as chosen by you! Since it's only 2 days till christmas i decided to do a christmas wishlist to start it off , eventhough it's not wednesday :) Enjoy!

#1 - Top of my wishlist is to be better for christmas day!

#2 - Have a lovely christmas dinner with my family :)

#3 - Waking up to snow after santa's been would be magical!

#4 - A stocking brimming with goodies please mr claus :)

#5 - Quality time with my fiance ♥

#6 - Everyone to love the gifts i got them :)

#7 - Oh & if i have any wishes left ... some money, a digi cam, hello kitty stuff & gift vouchers wouldn't go a miss! ;)

What do you want for christmas my lovelies? :)


  1. Great post! Thanks for following my blog sweetie, I'm now a follower of yours too =) Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Aww thanks hunnie :) Merry Christmas! xoxo

  3. I hope you got all you asked for on your Christmas wish list and more!!

    I awarded you with the Kreativ Blogger Award!
    Here's the link:



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