Monday, 12 December 2011

Hello Sweeties!

Hello sweeties! Hope you all had a good weekend :) I would have done, but i'm currently on my 4th day of being full of cold so i'm feeling very sorry for myself :/ lol. Hopefully i'll be well enough by friday to go for a much needed girlie night out with my bestie :) There's only 1 day left to vote in my poll on left hand side of my blog, so don't forget to do that and there's only 4 days left enter my giveaway to win some fab avon goodies! Click here if you would like to enter :) Good luck!

Advent Calender - Day 12

Today I got this, which is perfect because i love sleep masks ♥

30 Day Beauty Challenge
Day 10 - Current Fashion/Style You Like

I didn't used to like aztec prints, but i love them now. I just think they're lovely and festive :)

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  1. I love sleep masks too i must have a hundred of them haha!

  2. I love aztec styles lately too, just so stylish!!


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