Monday, 19 December 2011

poorly sick, quick post

Hey! Sorry I haven't posted for a few days, i've got a nasty bug and it's really draining me :( Luckily I was okayish for my night out with my bestie on thursday night, it was just what i needed :) Can't wait till christmas, as if it's only 6 more dayss!! So glad i've finished my xmas shopping. Went to see oliver this morning and it was great, would have been even better if i wasn't feeling like crap but it still put me further into the festive spirit.

Here's some of my advent calender goodies i've missed out on showing you all ...

Please keep voting in my poll, i can't wait to start the weekly features in the new year :)

Sorry it was a short one, i feel so ill :/


  1. Poor you! Hope you get well for Christmas. x

  2. Hope you feel better in time for Christmas!

    Think I'm coming down with a bug of some sort too unfortunately :-(

    Em x

  3. Hi Tiffeny,sorry to read you are unwell! Maybe the fact that you are 1st prize winner of my giveaway will cheer you up? hehe , get well soon! xx

  4. hope you feel better soon :-)


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