Monday, 5 December 2011

I'm a winner/latest in beauty/beauty challenge!

Afternoon sugar plums! The postman has just been & i'm rather chuffed with what i recieved :) A few days ago i won 3rd prize in a giveaway that rachel over at life of a sweetaholic was holding. I can't believe how quickly it came! The prize was a lovely little french manicure set :) Imagine my suprise when i opened up the package and rachel had also kindly put in some choccies and a christmas card! The manicure set and choccies were wrapped in christmas paper too. Thankyou so much hun, i love my prizes ♥

A few days ago i signed up to latest in beauty, not sure if you have heard of it. Basically you pay £1 from your mobile phone and they send you 3 samples of your choice. I've never had the glossy box or anything similar, but decided to give this a go. I must say i'm quite impressed. The samples came in a pretty pink box, with a letter explaining which samples were for what etc. I recieved exactly what i asked for - nicky clarke shampoo & conditioner (which only counts as 1 sample!), skin doctors eye tuck (they sent me 2!) and a hugo boss sample for my fiance to try (can leave him feeling left out can we!) Along with a few leaflets about the companies the product samples are by, i also got 20% off nicky clarke products!! The only catch is you must review what you recieved on thier website before you can order another box, but i quite enjoy writing reviews anyway :) Not bad for £1 eh?!

30 Day Beauty Challenge
Day 3 - Your Hairstyle

I am constantly changing my hair, i get bored so easily!

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  1. You got some amazing stuff for so so cheap! How cool! I love that you change your hairstyle often. I am so bad with stepping out of my comfort zone when it comes to my hair!

  2. @Sarah - Thanks hunnie :) xoxo

    @inmyhansonshirt - I know, great isn't it?! :p Aww there's nothing wrong with sticking to what suits you, i bet your hair is a lot more healthy than mine <3 xx


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