Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sunday The Eleventh!

Morning my darlings! Hope you're all well. I'm full of cold, bless me :( If anyone has any tips to help me feel better, i would be very grateful! Don't forget to vote in my poll on the left hand side of my blog please & if you would like to enter my giveaway click here there's only 5 days left, so get a move on! ;)

30 Day Beauty Challenge
Day 07 - Favourite Item Of Clothing

I love love love black leggings, wear them all the time! :)

Day 08 - A Photo Of You Getting Fashion Wrong

Looking like a chav :/

Day 09 - Favourite Pair Of Shoes

These primark boots are never off my feet at the moment!

Advent calender goodies

Hello kitty keyring which is also a pen!

Foot file :)

Face mask <3

Hope you enjoyed my post :)

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  1. I need to try that face mask. I am also a huge fan of black leggings. I hope you get better soon, I don't have many tips but I have a cold too and I'm just getting lots of rest and drinking lemon and ginger tea with added honey. xo

  2. I'll let you know what the mask is like once I have tried it :) Ooh black leggings are the best aren't they?! Aww I hope we both get better soon! xoxo

  3. Hi Tiffeny, thank you for the comment. Haha, at that time we actually think we look rad lol. I love leggings as a fashion must have. I don't wear them out because they make my legs look funny. I have one of those masks. I need to try it. I think I have the hot mask one or something. Great post :)

  4. @Tamyr - Aww I bet they don't really, you probably just think that :) Thanks for commenting xoxo

    @Rachael Parker - I know right :) xx


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